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In 1885, the Company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs. Antártica Paulista, which acquired Parque Antártica for the installation of the large factory. 1902- OPENING OF ANTARCTICA PARK AND 1ST OFFICIAL DEPARTURE.

1914- PALESTRA ITALIA IS BORN Foundation of the Società Esportiva Palestra Itália Club, on August 26, 1914.

1920- PURCHASE OF ANTÁRTICA PARK- “THE MADNESS OFTHECENTURY” On April 27, 1920, a vast piece of land was purchased from Companhia Antártica Paulista, annex to the Antarctica park. The purchase of the land was considered “The madness of the century”, due to the value it was invested 500 contos de réis, taking into account that we were a team newly formed, but on the rise.

1942- NAME CHANGES Due to the events of the Second World War, Palestra Itália was forced to change its name, as Italy was one of the axis countries (which were at war with Brazil), that was when the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras emerged.

1964- THE HANGING GARDENIS BORN To avoid constant flooding in the field on rainy days, the board of club discusses and plans a big and bold project, never seen in the Americas, rising 3 meters above the ground, the so-called Hanging Garden.




Location: we are in Superior West, above us is the sixth floor which is where the TV and Radio booths are located. Next door we have the green benches, place for written press and online media. Below us, is the central west, which is the most expensive side of the arena on game days.

In front of us, upper and central east.

Next door we have Gol Norte, this is where the stages are set up (hence the larger space between the field and grandstand) and is where the organized fans are (Mancha Verde, TUP, Savóia, etc..), it was also there that we won our first Libertadores in 1999.

On the other side is Gol sul, the former goal of the pools in the Antarctica Park, as before There were no stands and so you could see the pools. It was also there that the Prass scored the penalty in 2015, giving us the arena's first title (Cup Brazil).

The seventh floor is the highest floor fans can reach to arrive. On this floor is Parque Mirante, which is open on game days. as if it were a cabin; Capabilities: Games- Approximately 43 thousand people Shows- Approximately 50 thousand people Amphitheater- 18 to 23,000. Screens: 103 m² / 609 inches Shades of green on the chairs: Give the feeling that the lawn is It extends to the stands and features the club's colors. Field size: 105 x 68.

Roof: In addition to capturing rainwater, our roof has a technology called “Thermoacoustics”. “Thermo” comes from temperature, this causes the temperature in the upper stands is equalized at 2 degrees above or below in relation to the outside temperature of the arena. “Acoustic”, therefore, we have acoustic insulation that makes the sound more trapped inside the arena.


The arena has approximately 160 boxes distributed in the 3rd and 4th to walk. These cabins are intended for legal entities, through rental contract (from 1 to 3 years), with capacity for 12 to 60 people.

The one we are going to see is from Allianz Seguros, a company that paid 300 millions of reais for naming rights (name of the arena)- to be entitled to the name- for 20 fixed years and a further 10 renewable; On the wall of the box, we can see models of the 7 arenas that Allianz care, spread all over the world (Allianz arena- home of Bayern de Munich, Allianz Stadium- Juventus Turin, among others); On the other side of the wall are the types of insurance that Allianz has.

Since that arrived in Brazil, there are more than 4 million customers and more than 40 products in your portfolio.

How do you watch a box game? You can only access these cabins if you are a guest of the company, or you You can buy tickets to watch games or shows in our restaurants: BRAZZA (gol sul): à la carte cuisine, specialties are meat; LA COPPA (south goal): Italian cuisine, pasta; NAGAIRÔ (north goal): Japanese cuisine. To purchase, only directly from the restaurant. Including food and drink.

VVIP (Floor-1)

Place intended for VIP access, decorated with paintings by some shows that took place in the arena. These are autographed paintings.


Hereis an exclusive point, you are only allowed to take a photo with the photographer, the photos cost 35 reais, they come printed and digital, payment is only made at the end of the tour


Weare in the official verdão locker room, here is the warm-up area, inside There are lockers with illustrative t-shirts, a hydromassage room and bathrooms of the players. We just ask that you do not remove the shirts from the hanger.

⚠ Hereis an exclusive point, you are only allowed to take a photo with the photographer, the photos cost 35 reais, they come printed and digital, payment is only made at the end of the tour

On the right side, bench Palmeiras reserves. On the left side, the visiting team's bench.

Feel free to take photos